Your perfect ten-minute skincare routine

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Taking the time to look after your skin, whatever age you are, is so important. Having beautiful skin that glows with health will make you feel happier and more confident. I want all women to be able to leave with the house make-up free and to still feel good about themselves.

Here, I share my top tips for your perfect ten-minute skincare routine. Ideally, please try to find ten minutes each day, morning and evening, to care for your skin. If you can’t find ten, even five will do! But please make some time for you.

Please check that you are buying the right products for your skin type. And make sure you know how to use them – application is everything. You need to develop a good skincare routine and understand how to apply the products properly to receive their full benefits.

The following steps are designed for everybody – whether you’re young or old, a woman or a man. We all need to take care of our skin.


Step 1: Cleanse

When you wake up, it’s very important to cleanse your face as you need to remove what your skin has produced at night, or excess make-up left over from the day before.

Take your time. Massage your cleanser into your skin. This will help to open and clean your pores. Massage around your nose, behind your ears, down to your neck, close to your hairline, and around your eyes.

Make sure you thoroughly remove all traces of cleanser.

Step 2: Apply your day eye-cream

Apply your eye cream in small dots all over your eye area (up to your eyebrows and including your under-eye area). Then very gently, without pulling or dragging your skin, pat the eye cream in from the inner corner to the outer edge of your eye.

Step 3: Apply your toner and and day cream

Lightly spray on your toner.

Choose the correct day moisturiser for your skin. I recommend using a moisturiser with SPF included (at least SPF 25). Apply your day cream all over your face, from your nose outwards, gently massaging your skin as you go.

Don’t forget your neck! If you have a dedicated neck cream, perfect. If not, please use your day cream all over your neck as well. Apply in an upwards motion towards your ears.

Midday boost

If you’re not wearing make-up (I understand this probably isn’t the case if you’re at work), it’s a good idea to give your skin a midday boost. Refresh with water, and apply some fresh day cream.

Evening routine

I can’t emphasise this enough – it is very, very important to spend time on your skincare routine at night. Please try to give yourself ten minutes – it isn’t long and you will really see and feel the benefits.

Step 1: Double-cleanse

I really recommend double-cleansing at night, especially if you’ve been wearing make-up. This will help to make sure that all your make-up has been removed and your skin is really clean.

When you cleanse at night, massage the cleanser into your skin in small circles and then reverse the circles. Work your way up from your décolletage right up to your forehead. Aim to spend two minutes circling and massaging with your cleanser. Then repeat this to complete your double-cleanse.

Step 2: Apply your night eye-cream

Remember to apply in small dots all around the eye, and then gently pat these in without pulling or dragging your delicate skin.

Step 3: Apply your toner and night serum or night cream

When applying your night cream, massage from the nose outwards.

Again, please don’t forget your neck. If you don’t have a neck cream, please use your night cream. It’s better than nothing!

Step 4: Apply hand and foot cream

Treat your hands and feet with good quality creams, and massage these in with a nice, gentle pressure.

And finally…enjoy it!

The most important part of your skincare routine is to enjoy it. Put on some music, enjoy some me-time, and really love what you’re doing. Skincare is not a chore. Treat your skin well and it will treat you back. There really is nothing better than looking at your skin in the mirror and seeing it glow.

While you’re looking after your skin, try to incorporate some gentle breathing. Getting lots of oxygen into your lungs and blood is really good for your skin. You’ll find that a relaxing skincare routine will help the stress of the day slowly melt away.

My final tip is to do your skincare routine right before you go to bed, as it will relax you and help you to sleep better.

I hope you’ve found this post useful and that you enjoy looking after your skin. Please feel free to share any comments below.

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  1. I have learnt so much from Hanna with all her great tips . She is a great therapist and very passionate about what she does and cares that us women should treat ourselves and look after our skin

  2. Hanna has taught me so much about the importance of taking time for myself and being kinder to my mind, body and soul. Thank you Hanna! Am so happy for you!!

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  4. I have learnt so much from Hanna tonight and i am really excited about getting into a much better skin care routine. Your tips are great Hanna and I really appreciate you all your help.

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