How I can help you

Do you feel tired? Do you have aching muscles? Are you suffering from lack of energy? Are you recovering from a sports injury? I’m positive that I can help you to feel better.

I’m Hanna Byrne, owner of Sands of Siwa, and I offer holistic body treatments and beauty therapy in Dubai.

If you choose to come to me, you won’t get a regular, one-size-fits-all treatment.

I understand that every individual is unique and every single treatment I give is bespoke to my client and their specific needs.

I’m a trained muscle, sports, and skincare therapist. I know a lot about muscles, how they work, and how to improve them through muscle work and exercise. I’m absolutely fascinated by the body and how we can help the body to heal itself, rather than relying solely on medication.

I want to help you to feel confident in your own skin. I’m a mum, and I understand how hard it is to find time for you. But even if you have to rush out of the house without make-up on, I want your skin to be glowing.

Why choose me?

Sands of Siwa, Hanna Byrne

I’m from Egypt, where beauty is ingrained in our culture from a young age. I’m truly passionate about what I do.

I have over 12 years’ experience in the industry. I’ve worked with athletes, footballers and celebrities from all over the world.

The highlight of my career so far was working with the US Marines as a sports therapist and helping them to recover from their injuries.

I’ve trained to a high level in both Egypt and the UK. I’m also trained in cupping therapy, which is a fantastic detoxing treatment. I draw from my extensive experience to give you the very best treatment possible, with the very best results.

I use only the highest quality products. TEMPLE SPA and Forever Living are luxury brands made in the UK and US – they are completely natural and give truly effective results. You can visit my shop here.

Siwa – my inspiration

You’ve probably never heard of the place ‘Siwa’. ‘It is actually an Egyptian oasis, which I’ve been lucky enough to visit several times.

It’s a beautiful, green, unspoilt place of natural beauty – full of palm and olive trees, freshwater springs, and sand renowned for its natural healing properties. I grew up around nature and it’s where I draw my inspiration from for my treatments.

So that is why I chose the name ‘Sands of Siwa’ for my business – it represents my passion for using natural remedies and therapies to help heal the body.

Book an appointment or free consultation

I’m looking forward to meeting you to find out how I can help.

To book an appointment, please email me: hanna@sandsofsiwa.com or call +971 50 682 1987.