How to look after your skincare products

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We all spend a lot of money on our skincare products – and over the course of the year, it all adds up. We want to make sure we’re not wasting our money, but when products get stored all over the house (think handbag, dressing table, bathroom, cupboards), it’s easy for products to get buried at the back of a cabinet and forgotten. You may even find a product lurking there that you don’t even remember buying (but please don’t start using it, you don’t know how old it is!). Are you using the right products for your skin? So …

Facial cupping is my favourite facial treatment

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We all want to look our best. However it’s a fact of life that as we age, one of the first things visibly affected is the skin on our face. Our once soft and smooth skin starts to lose its strength and elasticity, resulting in wrinkles, dryness, and other issues. The amount of collagen and elastin (proteins that help to keep our skin plump and supple) that we produce decreases, and is produced more slowly. How can we prevent and repair premature skin ageing? This is the million dollar question! According to dermatologists, the best way to prevent premature skin …

Happiness: the secret ingredient for glowing skin

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Are your skin problems linked to your emotional wellbeing? Can your happiness really affect your skin? Is there a direct link between the two? I truly believe that there is. If you suffer from certain skin conditions, emotional issues can make them worse, and they may even prevent treatment from being effective. Hereditary and genetic factors come into play too, of course. We can’t blame all our skin issues on our emotions. If you suffer from acne, this may be 50% due to hereditary factors, 30% due to your lifestyle, and only 20% due to psychological factors. Think about it …


Why you need to detox your body

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The human body never ceases to amaze me. I absolutely love learning about the body and what it’s capable of. Your body is a brilliant machine with incredible self-healing mechanisms. ‘Detoxing’ is a fashionable term but what does it really mean? How your body removes toxins Your body naturally gets rid of toxins mainly through your skin, bladder, bowels and lungs. If needed, your secondary systems kick in and further toxins are removed via your ear wax, tears, hair, mucous, nasal discharge and sneezing. Your lymphatic system and liver cleanse your blood. Your lungs and kidneys also work hard to …


Top five ingredients you need to know about in skincare products

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With so many different skincare brands and products on offer, it can be baffling to know which are the right products for you. As well as understanding your own skin type (which I’ll write about in another post) it is really important to understand exactly what you are putting on your skin and what effect it will have. You can walk into a department store and have a beautifully-made-up sales person try to sell you expensive products, but will they actually work? They don’t know your skin as well as you do. Please make sure you’re knowledgeable about what your …

Why regular massage is so beneficial to your health and wellbeing

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Many people consider getting a massage to be a luxury, rather than a necessity. However, getting a regular massage from a qualified massage therapist has so many amazing benefits that enhance both your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as your overall health and wellness. To understand why regular massage is so important, you need to first understand the basics of what massage therapy is. What is massage therapy? At a very basic level, a massage therapist will work your body’s soft tissue to help relieve pain and stiffness associated with stress, tension, injury and other conditions. They will vary …


Your perfect ten-minute skincare routine

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Taking the time to look after your skin, whatever age you are, is so important. Having beautiful skin that glows with health will make you feel happier and more confident. I want all women to be able to leave with the house make-up free and to still feel good about themselves. Here, I share my top tips for your perfect ten-minute skincare routine. Ideally, please try to find ten minutes each day, morning and evening, to care for your skin. If you can’t find ten, even five will do! But please make some time for you. Please check that you …


Body cupping

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Have you heard of body cupping? This is one of my favourite treatments to perform but often, people don’t know very much about it. Here, I’m going to share everything you need to know, including how you could benefit from body cupping. I hope you find it useful. What is cupping therapy? Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction in order to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and activate lymphatic drainage. The treatment dates back to ancient Egypt, Asia and Middle East. Cupping brings fresh blood to the …